Attunement: Your Relationship's Superpower!

live videos Dec 16, 2021

Take a moment to try a couple of questions to see if you can exercise attunement with your partner:

First, take look at your partner and try to "tune-in" to them and connect to what they are feeling in this moment.

Next, take a moment to recognize if you see what they might need to feel loved or more calm and grounded?

How does that feel for you?

Do you feel like you can "tune-in" and connect to what they are needing without verbal words?

This ability to "tune-in" to your partner is called Attunement - and this is everyone's relationship superpower.

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Stop Trying To Communicate - Do This Instead!

live videos Dec 16, 2021

Let's try something together... instead of "communicating" about the same things over and over - we want you to try something else instead!

Here's the cold hard truth: the number one challenges couples have are communication issues. That means - yes, your arguments and misunderstanding are normal!

However, communicating with each other doesn't have to be like this.

If you and your partner have been fighting or walking on eggshells... Or, if every small thing turns into a big fight, we’ve put together the 3 most important insights that will help you simplify things, cut through the overwhelm, and start focusing on what’s really important: your love.

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Why Are The Holidays SO Stressful on Relationships?!

live videos Dec 14, 2021

As one holiday passes and several more approach us, tensions can become high as seemingly unavoidable stressors arrive.

In-laws, finances, lack of 1-on-1 relationship (and self!) time, and even the weather can cause you and your partner to feel strained, stressed, or even disconnected.

The good news? We've got some tips for you and your partner to make sure you avoid the hassles of the holidays and are able to enjoy your time together and with family.

Quick Partner Tip Take a moment to ask each other one question: "How can I be a good partner to you when we visit your (my) family?"

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Relationships Are Like A Dance

live videos Dec 13, 2021

It's natural for us to crave attention from our partners. It's also natural to feel like your partner isn't always giving you what you need.

And sometimes, complicated circumstances (or unintentional arguments) can make it seem like your partner is not there for you - or that you’re not a priority like you want to be.

Maybe you're on the other end of the spectrum, and you feel like your partner is always wanting something for you, and you’re failing short.

When you don’t know how to negotiate with each other for what you really need, it's easy to fall into a dynamic of pursuer and distancer (we will explain this in our talk!) It’s not personal - and nothing is wrong with either of you!

It’s a difference in how you both get your needs met... hence why we call it a dance. In this talk, we'll show you the steps to take in your relationship's dance.

We're going to teach you when to move closer - and when to take some space - helping you both get exactly...

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