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“I believe the weekend [workshop] was the best push for my partner and [me]. We were able to name patterns and styles that we were somewhat aware of, and others we never even put together…. The frame allows for you to learn the “why” before practicing the “how.” Which allows for so much more awareness around how you communicate and connect to one another.”

- F, 2019 Love Made Simple Participant from San Francisco

When your relationship isn’t lighting you up, the rest of your life can feel dull.

Whether you and your partner are struggling to communicate, missing the romantic spark you once shared or simply feeling disconnected, one thing is clear: you both know you want more from your relationship

It’s possible to reignite the passion, invite in the playfulness and experience the vibrant love you desire.

We’re here to help you transform your relationship with simple tools and real-world solutions so you can grow closer every day while having fun in the process.

The 3 Keys To Making Love Simple


Understanding your conflict patterns & having heartfelt conversations that bring you closer together.


Breaking free from routine and knowing how to make each other feel truly loved no matter how busy life gets.


Being playful with your partner, increasing your desire & continuing to deepen your intimacy over time.

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We’re about more than just relationship tips.

We’re on a mission to help you experience real, lasting relationship transformation by helping you get out of your head, open your heart and truly connect with your partner.

Our experiential method is based on:




Ready to see what we mean? This short quiz will help you uncover your core relationship desire and take a powerful first step toward transformation.

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Hi, we’re Gal and Liron.

We really have been where you are. Before we were parents and business partners, we were lovers who fought and learned how to make up the hard way.

Now, we get the honor of helping couples just like you find the best support with the right couples counselor for your relationship’s needs, so you don’t have to struggle like we did.

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“Just like the previous course Gal and Liron have built a comprehensive session with digestible tools we reference regularly. Each exercise was expertly laid out to make complicated ideas clear and was a stepping stone to a larger understanding. Even the most simple activity had the biggest impact on us.”

- Sarah B., 2021 San Francisco

Here’s How We Can Help

Breakthrough To Love:
A Powerful Weekend Workshop Experience

This virtual retreat is designed to help long term couples experience a transformative relationship breakthrough in just one weekend. Want to feel more connected than ever without having to spend months going to couples therapy?

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Foundations of Love:
An Interactive, Self-Paced Online Course

In just 8 weeks (or less!), you and your partner will learn to communicate better and understand what you each need to feel deeply loved and fulfilled in your relationship.

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Relationship Blueprint:
Your Quick Guide To A Connected & Fulfilling Relationship

This easy-to-implement mini course will help you and your partner discover how you each prefer to be loved so you can meet one another’s core relationship desire and feel closer than ever before.

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“We determine who we are through the eyes of those we love”

- John Bowlby

We’re passionate about supporting you through your relationship journey!

Love Made Simple is not just about helping couples overcome challenges, it’s about teaching couples how to create a relationship that is truly inspiring. We believe in embracing your challenges and seeing them as an opportunity for growth - and that your relationship can be a mirror that teaches you how to be the best version of yourself. We want you to experience a deep, fulfilling love that has both passionate sex and heartfelt communication - and we are dedicated to helping your create it. Love isn’t always easy - but we can make it simple.

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Taking the first step to change your relationship isn’t always easy. Not to mention, there are so many tips and resources out there — so it can be hard to know where to begin.

If you’re ready to experience real relationship improvements right away, we encourage you to start with our Core Relationship Desire

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