The Relationship Blueprint Mini Course

Discover your relationship style and what you (and your partner) need to feel more deeply loved.

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Every couple has ups and downs...

So, why do some couples drift apart while others grow more connected over time?

Everyone has a Relationship Blueprint, a simple template of what makes you feel loved and happy versus frustrated and disconnected in your romantic relationship.

Usually people give love in the way they prefer to receive love - not recognizing their partner has a different Relationship Blueprint than they do. So, they end up feeling like they’re never on the same page - or that their partner doesn’t truly care about them...

But by understanding your Relationship Blueprint (and your partner’s), you can make simple shifts to create a more connected, fulfilling and loving relationship.

The $60 Relationship Blueprint Mini Course will help you improve your relationship by:

✓ Discovering exactly what you and your partner need to feel special and loved

✓ Prioritizing the steps you and your partner can take to immediately deepen your connection

✓ Understanding how to bridge the gap between you and your partner's relationship style

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It’s easy to get lost in the endless relationship advice out there, which is why we’re here to make love simple with this short, actionable online course.

What’s included in this $60 course:

✓ 9 video lessons (all under 10 minutes) that you can watch on any device

✓ Downloadable mp3 audio files so you can listen and learn on-the-go

✓ Core Relationship Desire Assessment Tool

✓ Relationship Satisfaction Check In Exercise

✓ 4 practical worksheets to help you reflect and take action

Plus, you'll get these bonuses:

Bonus #1 – Loving Communication Made Simple

If you find yourself arguing with your partner over lots of “little things,” there’s a good chance those small issues aren’t actually the root cause of the conflict. This bonus lesson will help you quickly understand what’s really happening when you fight so you can communicate and resolve issues faster.

Bonus #2 - The Secret To A Love That Lasts

Do you want to make sure the love you have can last? In this bonus training, you’ll discover the key ingredient to making your love fulfilling for the long run. You’ll also learn what you need to develop within yourself to keep your relationship on track towards that.

Bonus #3 – 7 Tips For Igniting Love And Passion...Even When You’re Busy

If you're like most couples, your relationship can often take a back seat to your job, kids and other “life” responsibilities. As a result, your love and passion suffers. In this talk, Gal & Liron, will share their simple, yet powerful, ways to be more intimate even when you’re short on time.

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