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“Gal and Liron have clearly put a lot of thought, time, and care into the curriculum of the workshop and it shows. They are living proof of their own practice and it's inspiring. Don't second guess it. Just do it.

- J, 2019 Love Made Simple Participant from Petaluma, CA

Relationships are a journey; we can be your guides.

When we first started working with couples, we noticed the same patterns happening within each relationship. We also noticed there weren’t many options for couples who wanted more than just relationship tips and tricks. We developed the Love Made Simple method to help motivated couples create lasting changes within themselves and their relationship - fast.

We focus on mindful practices, hands-on exercises, and real-world tools to help you communicate with ease, love deeper, and have a most playful and passionate love. Our experiential method is based on mindfulness, the embodiment of a mind-body connection, and continued personal growth. 

Love might not always be easy, but we are committed to making sure your relationship journey can be simple.

Who we are:

Practical and playful. Straightforward yet heartfelt. Simple but transformational.

Our passion is your relationship journey. Learn more about our process:

We’re on a mission to help you experience real, lasting relationship transformation by helping you get out of your head, open your heart and truly connect with your partner.

Our experiential method is based on:




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Learn more about Gal and Liron - founders of Love Made Simple.

We really have been where you are. Before we were parents and business partners, we were lovers who fought and learned how to make up the hard way.

Now, we get the honor of helping couples just like you find the best support with the most effective programs and live workshops for your relationship’s needs, so you don’t have to struggle like we did.

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Love Made Simple was made for couples like you. If you’re ready to experience real relationship improvements right away, we encourage you to start with our Core Relationship Desire quiz.

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