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Create a breakthrough in your relationship in the comfort of your own home with Foundations of Love online course. Get our step-by-step process that has worked for thousands of couples just like you – you can stop struggling and start loving.

Love isn't easy, but it can be made simple.

We know how it feels to want to be happier in your relationship, and how important it is to be able to do things on your own time. So, we’ve taken our tried and proven process – the same one we use in our traditional counseling and workshops – and condensed it to an eight-module course. You’ll be able to create a relationship breakthrough and find fulfillment and happiness in love in 8 weeks or less.

In order to turn your relationship around you need to...

Learn What Love Is All About

Love is simple when you know how it works. Learning key principles will change how you think about your challenges and align you around a new vision.

Make Each Other Feel Deliciously In Love

Learn to respond to each other’s real needs and create a relationship filled with passion and excitement.

Uncover The Patterns That Get In The Way

Yes, you and your partner are unique, yet your relationship challenges follow predictable patterns. When you recognize these patterns, you’re able to heal, relax and enjoy each other.

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You don’t need to spend a lot of time or money to find your way back to love – you need a program to guide you in the right direction.

You’ll learn the right tools and insights to…

Stop the Downward Spiral

✓ Take control of your emotions – stop arguments before they turn ugly

✓ Start working together and start feeling like a team again

✓ Feel safe and committed to your relationship again

Communicate with Ease

Learn the real reasons you are upset – and stop fighting over the small stuff

✓ Feel more confident talking about ANY topic

✓ Replace anger, criticism and stonewalling with heartfelt listening

Fall Back in Love

✓ Discover how to make each other feel wanted, loved and special

✓ Repair old hurts and create a stronger emotional bond

✓ Learn simple ways to bring more passion and playfulness to your daily life

Make Your Relationship Extraordinary

✓ Go beyond love languages and discover your deepest desires and longings

✓ Learn how to accept each other wholly – creating a deeper bond

✓ Become each other’s #1 cheerleader and supporter

Start Your Journey Now

“ I cannot think of a circumstance where this wouldn’t be incredibly useful for any couple interested in enriching their relationship and themselves.”

M.W., Berkeley, CA

Led by Us – Gal & Liron

Hi, my name is Gal, and I’m here to be your relationship guide. My wife – Liron – and I are a happily married parents, and business partners – but before we found our way to love, we were a typical couple, struggling to get it right, and so frustrated with each other and our relationship that we broke up… twice.

We are passionate (some might say obsessed) about personal growth and relationships. We know how much you want to make it work – and we know how impossible it might feel. But, we are here to make all of it a little more simple.

We have created a comprehensive vision for love and relationships and developed our own process and tools, and we know we can help you find fulfillment and passion in your relationship.

Join Our Course Today

For $250, a cost that is less than 2 sessions of therapy, you’ll get:

✓ 8 modules with 6-9 short videos in each

✓ Over 30 worksheets and exercise

✓ Summary for each module with actionable steps

✓ Lifetime access to the material!

✓ Plus, get weekly reminders that keep you on track!

As a Bonus, you’ll also get:

✓ Relationship detox – how to stop the downward spiral

✓ Sex talk – Improving your sexual IQ

We recommend doing at least one module a week: total time investment per module – 1.5-2 hours.

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Here’s What You’ll Learn:

Module 1

Create a Relationship Mindset

Change the way you think about your challenges. Get out of the blame game and create an inspiring vision.

Module 2

A New (Science Based) Understanding of Love

Get a simple map for understanding what love is all about. Learn how to put your connection first.

Module 3

Increase Your Emotional IQ

Take control of your feelings and learn to unlock their wisdom instead of being controlled by them.

Module 4

Reverse the Negative Dance

Stop the negative communication pattern that is causing your fights and start investing in what makes you feel loved!

Module 4

Reverse the Negative Dance

Stop the negative communication pattern that is causing your fights and start investing in what makes you feel loved!

Module 6

Communicate with Ease

Get practical skills to talk about everything with heartfelt conversations and connection.

Module 7

Embrace Your Differences

Accept each other more fully and let go of your past hurts.

Module 8

Ignite Love and Passion

Create passion and connection consciously, even when you’re really busy.

You can transform your relationship from the comfort of your own home for only $250.

Save 15% until the end of the month with code SAVE15 at checkout!

Save 15% Start Foundations of Love Today!

“I’m so grateful we took a chance (perhaps our last) to see if we could make things work together. We left feeling like we had a true opportunity to start over, and in a way begin our relationship for the first time.”

– Jason D., San Francisco, CA

Now is the time to take the right step.

Don’t make the all too common mistakes of thinking that you can do this on your own or just hoping that with time things will somehow get better!

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