Attunement: Your Relationship's Superpower!

live videos Dec 16, 2021

What is Attunement?

Attunement is the ability to emotionally connect on another level. It is allowing yourself to feel what the other person is feeling by entering their inner world. Emotional attunement is critical in all relationships, but especially in romantic partnerships. 

Attunement is a superpower because it’s not easy to have this skill. In fact, most people are lacking emotional attunement. Like most skills, practice is required, but once developed, attunement is capable of completely transforming your relationship.


5 Ways to Practice Attunement:

1. Read their cues

 What does their body language look like? If they are talking, what is their tone, are they speaking quickly? What does that mean? Assess how they feel.

2. Give them grace

 Pause to consider why your partner is acting a certain way. What is going on in their world? Take time to see things from their side and allow yourself to feel impacted by that.

3. Practice active listening 

 Really look at them when they speak, and make sure you are not distracted. This will give your partner validation. You can also try asking more open-ended questions. Instead of, “Are you upset?”, try “You seem upset. What’s going on?” 

4. Understand them through touch

 Sometimes physical touch is necessary to get through to your partner. Separate from physical signs of affection, you can practice attunement by using your hands as a way to read what is going on inside. Try giving your partner a massage. Take their hand as they speak to you. 

5. Tune in to yourself 

 We can’t truly connect with another person until we tune in to what’s going on personally. If you’re feeling low, stop to ask yourself what it is that’s making you feel this way. Ask yourself what you need. Don’t be afraid to feel your emotions, good and bad.


If you are willing to be attuned to your partner, you are giving them the ultimate gift of a true, quality connection.


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