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Online vs In-person: Which is Better?

It seems like most things these days offer an online and in-person option, from grocery shopping to school. And couples therapy is no different. No matter what it is, making that decision is highly personal, and depends on where you thrive. Choosing to have a work meeting online or a yoga class in person can determine your level of participation, for example.

 Your relationship is one of the most important things in your life, and how you choose to tend to that relationship matters. A couples workshop is an intimate experience, so it’s important to reflect on what type of environment makes you both comfortable. 

You might be wondering, “What will I lose if I don’t attend the workshop in person?”

The answer is nothing! They are equally beneficial. A virtual workshop can bring you and your partner just as close as an in-person workshop. Therefore, it comes down to personal preference.

Benefits of an Online Couples Workshop  

  • Suited for your schedule 

Most workshops take place over a weekend, meaning no need to use precious vacation time from work.  And some are even self-paced which means they are pre-recorded for you to download. This type of workshop is especially helpful for couples who have children, as you can participate in the workshop once the kids are in bed. Plus, no need to worry about traveling somewhere. You’ll have access to some of the best therapists, no matter where you live! 

  • Less intimidating  

It’s not uncommon for one partner (or both) to feel hesitation towards a couple workshop, or therapy in general. People tend to feel more comfortable with an online workshop because you can stay in your own, familiar environment. For this reason, online options are easier to convince your partner to attend. With an added layer of comfort, people are more likely to open up and be vulnerable, necessary ingredients for change. 

  • Great supplement to therapy or gateway to therapy

An online couples workshop is a great place to start building change and growth for your relationship. You can think of it as an introduction to couples therapy, a way to begin building new skills to boost your connection. Many couples find that they're ready to attend regular sessions after participating in a workshop. On the other hand, therapy veterans can put their experience to work and see real results, quickly by participating in a workshop. 

What Issues Can an Online Couples Workshop Help With?

  • Recurring arguments 

Do you feel like you’re going round and round getting stuck in the same patterns of conflict? Uncover the cause of this destructive cycle and learn how you can break free.  

  • Feeling a loss of connection  

Are you searching for that deep connection you once had, but it feels surface-level now? Communication is a skill you can learn and develop so that you can understand each other on an emotional level 

  • Loss of romance and/or intimacy 

Have you been feeling more like roommates or two ships passing in the night? Find out new and creative ways to keep the spark alive.  

  • Broken trust (infidelity or other)

Was there a betrayal that destroyed the trust you had built? If this is the case, you might feel like you’ll never recover. Luckily, you can rebuild trust and learn how to feel secure in your relationship again.  

  • Parenting struggles 

Are you new parents, a blended family, or dealing with differences surrounding creating a family? Maybe your parenting styles are out of sync or you’re struggling to connect because you have children in the mix. Take this much-needed time for just the two of you and figure out how to support each other in the best way possible. 

  • Contemplation of divorce/breaking up 

Are you wondering if it’s time to call it quits? Don’t give up just yet. You may find that your relationship, like most, can be mended. You may even find that investing time and attention can lead to a relationship more fulfilling than you thought possible. 

  • Feelings of “growing apart”

There are many reasons why couples report feeling like they’re “growing apart”. It could be routine, responsibilities, unresolved conflict, or not spending quality time together. Whatever the culprit, a couples workshop can give you the skills to reconnect and rediscover each other. 

Who are Online Couples Workshops For?

Our online couples workshops are right for any couple who wants to address issues and see positive change or increase the love and grow their relationship in the right direction. 

This includes couples that are:

  • Married (newly married couples married for 10+ years)
  • Unmarried (engaged or simply committed)
  • LGBTQ+ couples (and individuals)
  • Long distance (you can both attend an online workshop from separate locations)

How Long Are The Workshops?

Couples workshops can be as short as a few hours or as long as a week, but on average they take place over 2 or 3 days. Love Made Simple workshops are 2.5 days, or the span of the weekend. Typically, they start on Friday evening and end on Sunday. 

Average Cost

So how much does an online workshop cost? An online workshop is like several intensive sessions of couples therapy all at once. Because of the design, the results are more immediate. 

When it comes to couples therapy, you might be paying between $150 and $250 per hour to meet with a licensed couples therapist. Depending on where and how often you go, these sessions can cost thousands of dollars per year. You’ll usually have at least 15 to 20 therapy sessions to start seeing meaningful change — which means paying $3,000 or more. Our Love Made Simple workshops total about 18 hours or 18 plus hours of couples therapy! That amount of dedicated time would otherwise cost thousands.

 If you’re looking to begin some fresh discussions and transform your relationship in a short amount of time, a weekend workshop is a great place to start.

Our Love Made Simple relationship workshops designed for any type of committed couple or premarital couple are a more affordable option at just $850 per couple. If you’re interested but need financial assistance, you can apply for a scholarship

Here’s what’s included with a Love Made Simple online workshop:

  • Access to our Mini-Course – taken over 2,000 times!
  • A 34-page Relationship Workbook
  • 1-on-1 Attention from Relationship Experts + Gal and Liron
  • Continued support from Gal and Liron with a post-workshop follow-up!

Who leads an online relationship workshop?

Before signing up, you’ll want to check the background and experience of the workshop facilitators. It’s also helpful to figure out whether or not they truly really “walk the walk”. By choosing our workshops you have the advantage of being with licensed therapists with years of experience. 

The Couples Center and Love Made Simple are led by an actual couple who have learned and grown from their own experiences. Their expertise in the field and personal experience are what’s channeled into making our relationship workshops all the more tangible and meaningful to the couples who participate. 

Finding an Online Couples Workshop

Start out smaller to see how an online option feels for you and your partner. The Couples Center offers monthly date nights that are both fun and transformative. Or you can complete our Foundations of Love course which is a self-paced course you can start right now! Either way, you’ll grow your relationship and determine whether an online workshop is right for you.  Discovered in-person suits you better? Join one of our in-person couples workshops, here!


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