7 Tips for Anxious Partners - Attachment Theory in Relationships


Attachment theory looks at how our childhood experiences impact our adult relationships. One of the four different attachment styles is called anxious attachment. Someone with an anxious attachment style often feels inadequate.

When in a relationship they are fearful of being abandoned by their partner and need constant reassurance. If you or your partner has an anxious attachment style, there are certain actions that can strengthen the relationship. 

Here are 7 tips to help your relationship with an anxious attachment style partner: 

  1. Know that your partner simply wants to feel loved by you.
  2. Be interested in how they feel.
  3. Give affection on a daily basis.
  4. Sit closer, lean in, and create eye contact.
  5. In an argument, listen to the words they say, not the tone of voice.
  6. Be open and willing to talk about your relationship.
  7. Understand that their criticism is a request for attention.

Find out what your own attachment style is with this Quiz

Once you understand the interaction between your attachment style and that of your partner, you will be empowered to communicate more effectively. You’ll also be more equipped with the tools necessary to break through any limitations that may exist. 


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