What Happens in a Couples Workshop

What Happens in a Couples Workshop

A couples workshop is all about finding the keys to a deeper connection and paving the way to a positive and happy relationship filled with more passion and intimacy. This is done by first understanding your true challenges, not those that appear on the surface, but the things that are really holding you back. You’ll dig deeper, not just into your relationship with your partner but the one with yourself. You’ll start to uncover your authentic self so that that version of you is showing up in your relationship and your true desires can be met. 

All our workshops are in hands-on so you’ll do practical exercises with your partner that are both fun and educational. Our approach is unique in that it brings the latest tools and methods in an experiential, enlivening, and engaging way.

You’ll learn skills to help you:

  • Avoid fighting over the small stuff
  • Understand your own patterns that might be contributing to a loss of connection
  •  Have hard conversations about difficult topics
  • Identify and fulfill your partner’s wants, needs, and desires
  • Bring more fun into your relationship

 In addition, you’ll learn practical tools such as The 2 Relationship Motivations, The 8 Basic Needs and The 7 Dimensions of Exceptional Relationships. Using scientific knowledge and extensive experience with thousands of couples, you’ll walk away feeling a deeper, more satisfying kind of love. 

Who is a Couples Workshop For?

Couples workshops, like couples therapy is usually thought to be for couples that are struggling in their relationship - constant fighting, infidelity, or loss of intimacy. However, perfectly happy couples who attend relationship workshops can walk away feeling even more in love with their partner. So even if your relationship is on solid ground, a workshop can take you connection to the next level, and give your bond a jolt of fresh energy. All couples have room for improvement, and new tools to discover. 

Not yet married? We offer a premarital counseling workshop. No need to wait until problems come knocking. A premarital workshop can help you set out on the right foot by preventing issues in the first place. Learn tips and tools that will help you enter your marriage with an even stronger connection. 

When and Where do the Workshops Take Place?

While a week in a secluded, tropical destination might be preferable, not everyone can devote the time or afford the cost of a couples retreat. Think of a couples workshop as a mini retreat. You can participate in a couples workshop with a group or one-on-one. Some workshops are online so you and your partner can stay cozy on your own couch. 

These workshops typically take place on Saturday and Sunday, with some starting Friday evening. In other words, they won’t conflict with work! 

One-on-One Coaching vs. Group Setting

Couples can choose a workshop with 100% individualized attention or with other couples. Sharing in an intimate setting with other people can seem scary and uncomfortable, but it can also offer a lot of benefits. You’ll be able to learn from the other couples, and think about your relationship from yet another perspective. You will have the opportunity to interact and share with other couples, both premarital and long-term couples at your discretion. Share only what you wish to. 

All workshops are meant to be a positive experience to grow together and support one another. Many enjoy the communal aspect from being around other like-minded individuals. Remember, everyone attending values their relationship and is open to learning, so you have that in common. Even in the group setting there will be more focused time with each couple and the workshop leader(s). 

Find a Workshop

Love Made Simple runs workshops almost every month. Many of them are online and can be accessed from wherever you are (using Pacific Time Zone). In person workshops usually take place in Mill Valley, California. Register for a Breakthrough to Love Couples Workshop today. You can also register for a virtual date night. These are fun and intentionally designed programs to boost your connection, 


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